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Focus Shifted to Art in the Park

2017 Calendar of Events

Art in the Park:

August 6

September 3

October 8

A fourth date may be added

Fine Art Show: TBD

Holiday Art Fest:  December 2-3


Nominating Committee Formed

A nominating committee has been formed to review the job descriptions of elected CSA officers and to develop recommendations for restructuring officer assignments in order to balance tasks and to create offices that are manageable in terms of time and task expectations.  Committee members include Sandy Corless, Dennis Chamberlain, Rick Snow, Dave Sabo, Ric Speed, Ron Klimek and Ken Duckert.

Work has begun and initial restructuring recommendations have been developed. Work has also begun on identifying individuals for the committee to consider nominating for vacant positions.

The offices of president and treasurer are expected to be vacant and because of the restructuring recommendations being considered, the position of vice president vacancy will also be vacant.  Tasks will be added to this position and Amy Ditto, the current vice president, having just opened the Ghostwolf Gallery in Old Town, will be unable to continue in the position.  She will, however,  continue to provide leadership in our social media activities.  

At this time Diane Cutter has offered to serve as president, with Glen Smith volunteering to serve as vice president and chairperson of CAST.  Both individuals will serve for the next two years. In addition, Tammy Meyer, who is site supervisor at the Corrales Senior Center has volunteered to serve as treasurer and is working with Ron Klimek to work on the details of a smooth transition..The nominating committee wants to consider all those individuals who are interested in serving in a leadership role and invites all interested members to contact them to discuss the time and task responsibilities for these jobs.  Contact information for committee members is listed below.

It is clear we want strong leaders for our organization.  Being a new member is not disqualifying. We are looking for people with good administrative and listening skills, computer proficiency, good energy and organization, and the ability to work collaboratively.  We expect that all new officers will get strong support from the rest of the Board of Directors and past officers.  No one will work in isolation

We have a diverse and highly talented membership.  We are a very special organization and working in a leadership role is very rewarding. A lot is happening in Corrales with regard to the art and cultural scene. This is a great time to be a part of that change.

The committee is working on a short timeline and needs to hear from interested individuals.  Please consider becoming part of the leadership team.

Nominating Committee:

    Sandy Corless, 890-1099, scorless@att.net

    Dennis Chamberlain, 554-1815, denchamber@me.com

    Rick Snow, 898-5845, rsnowcsa@gmail.com

    Dave Sabo, 801-879-8688, desertdawg.art@gmail.com

    Ric Speed, 896-6942, westwind.windfromwest.com

    Ron Klimek, 514-8911, rcklimek@comcast.net

    Ken Duckert, 369-1012, kenduckert91@gmail.com

CSA The Corrales Art & Studio Tour Preview reception held at the historic Casa Vieja was one of the best attended in most recent history. At times, the parking lot lover flowed and there was standing room only in the newly remodeled event center.



Fall Fine Art Show

The Fine Art Show that was scheduled for the fall has been put on hold. As more information comes available it will be provided to members.


Notices for Annual Dues

Notices for prorated and annual dues will be emailed the week of May 15. Please watch for the notice in your mailboxes. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated. Due must be received by June 30, 2017.

Our focus is now shifted to planning Art in the Park. This year, Art in the Park will return to the soccer field next to the Corrales Growers’ Market in central Corrales. The dates are August 6, September 3 and October 8.  Hours are 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.