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Only One Art in the Park

Event Remaining

2017 Calendar of Events

AIP October 8 Final AIP event of 2017

Fine Art Show: November 5-6

Holiday Art Fest:  December 2-3


New CSA Board of Directors to be Announced

This fall, CSA members will elect a new president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Elected officers will be announced at the September 13 meeting.  

A special note of appreciation is extended to those members who have stepped forward and expressed an interest and willingness to serve in leadership roles in CSA. And a huge thank you to Ken Duckert, Amy Ditto, Ron Klimek and Denise Elvrum. They have significantly contributed to the continued advancement and betterment of the organization by so generously sharing their time, knowledge and skills.

Looking Forward to 2018 CAST

The 2017 Corrales Art & Studio Tour was the largest tour in our history.  Eighty-two artists, three galleries and student art from two elementary schools participated in the event.

An amazing 81 percent of the participating artists returned written evaluations.  The event was viewed as a big success by nearly everyone.  The advertising program produced a record number of visitor , with sales topping all previous tours.  We continue to enjoy strong sponsor support from local businesses and organizations.

A review of the event was recently conducted by the CSA Board of Directors.  Planning for next year has already begun with recommendations for the 2018 tour being developed.  

Highlights include:

·     Maintain an aggressive advertising program to support the event.

·     The collector's poster was a success and will be continued.

·     Continue emphasizing the use of social media to promote CAST.  

·     Use a map separate from the tour catalog.  The separate map was much                    

               easier to use.

·     Return to Casa Vieja for the Preview Gallery.  It was a big hit with everyone.

·     Provide more catalogs and postcards.

·     Consider limiting the number of venues.

·     Provide a brighter, more colorful top banner for road signs.

·     Develop videos of artists in their studios for use on the website and in


We appreciate the support we received from our artist members, their family members, local residents, sponsors, and the Village of Corrales.  This is a major event and can only be produced with strong support from a lot of people.  Thank you to all who participated and helped make it a success!

Three CSA Artists Featured

at the Corrales Arts Center

The Corrales Arts Center (CAC) has opened a new Art Center at 4940 Corrales Road, Suite 100 in Corrales.  The Center serves as home for the CAC and provides a venue for classes, meetings, workshops and other art and cultural events.  The Center also serves as a gallery to display the art of local artists.  

Three CSA members, Bonnie Mitisek, Sharon Rutherford, and Cheryl Cathcart will show their work at the CAC gallery in July.  Art shown at the Center is offered for sale.  

Images top left, Mitisek, left bottom, Rutherford, below, Cathcart.

CSA The Corrales Art & Studio Tour Preview reception held at the historic Casa Vieja was one of the best attended in most recent history. At times, the parking lot lover flowed and there was standing room only in the newly remodeled event center.


Updates on the


Fall Fine Art Show


Art|Corrales, Casa Vieja, Corrales,

November 5-6, 2017: The Corrales

Society of Artists (CSA) will

conduct Art|Corrales, a fine arts and

fine crafts show on Saturday and Sunday,

November 5-6, 2017.  This is a new event.  

Casa Vieja, the Preview Gallery site for the

Corrales Art & Studio Tour, will provide

the venue for this show.  Casa Vieja will

jointly produce the show with CSA and the

Corrales Art Center. Participation is by

invitation and based on an assessment by a

distinguished CSA panel.  Invited artists are

established master artists and represent the

finest artists who live and/or show their work

in Corrales.  This show will be a feature event for Corrales-based artists.

The show will involve 35 artists, including both two and three-dimensional artists. We expect this show will present a rich, diverse collection of exceptionally bright, colorful and highly creative art.  

Unlike many fine art and fine craft shows, art chosen for display is determined by each artist, with artists display six to eight pieces.

A dinner reception will open the show on Friday, November 4. We anticipate this will be an event long remembered in the Village.  Proceeds from the dinner will benefit art education in the local elementary schools.  Tickets are available online at www.corralesartscenter.org

The new module to the CSA website featuring participating artists is live. You can visit corralessocietyofartists.org and click on the center panel of the home page or use the dropdown menu under EVENTS-PROGRAMS to access Art|Corrales.

Post cards, advertising posters and a collector's poster are also in development.


October 8 is the one remaining Art in the Park event. We encourage all CSA members to consider participating in this final AIP event of the year. The hours are 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  

This will be the second year AIP will be conducted at the East Athletic Field adjacent to the Corrales Growers' Market.    

For more information, please contact:  Jenn Noel, AIP Chair, (505) 417-0418, or jenn@nmnoels.com.


Enforcement of Local Business Licenses

In a recent meeting with Corrales Village officials, we learned that there are plans to increase enforcement of artists having a Corrales business license.  This will apply to all CSA events conducted in Corrales.  CSA will not "police" these licenses.  We are advised that Village representatives might show up at our events and ask for them.  Nonresidents of Corrales need a simple business permit which costs $35.  Residents of Corrales have two options. One is to get a home occupancy license which is an involved process, including submitting forms, pictures of the home and going before the city board for approval.  The cost is $35. The second option is to get a vendor's permit which costs $100 and is good thru next Jan.   Appropriate forms are available in the Village office or by requesting them from Ken Duckert, kenduckert91@gmail.com.