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Membership is open to all New Mexico artists. You do not need to reside in Corrales to be a member. Artists wishing to sell their work at CSA sponsored events, must be CSA members.

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Contact Information

Mailing Address

Corrales Society of Artists

PO Box 3717

Corrales, NM 87048



CSA/NMAM Officers (Board of Directors)/Leadership Team

2017 Officers

President, Ken Duckert, kenduckert91@gmail.com

Vice-President, Amy Ditto, amy.m.ditto@gmail.com

Secretary, Denise Elvrum, csa.nmam.pr@gmail.com

Treasurer, Ron Klimek, rcklimek@comcast.net

Data Manager, Ric Speed, westwind@swcp.com

At-Large Members

Diane Cutter, artist

Chip Kamber, artist

Bill Monthan, artist

Sandy Rasmussen, Multiple Community Organizations

Rick Snow, CAC, Community Laision

Tammy Wenderlich, artist

Social Media/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

Amy Ditto, amy.m.ditto@gmail.com

2017 Jury Committee:

Sandra Corless, chair

Nancy Davis

Terri Garcia

Renée Gentz

Martha Rajkay

Sarah Sadler

Cheryl Cathcart

Tricia Simmons

2017 Corrales Art and Studio Tour

Chair: Ken Duckert

PR/Media: Denise Elvrum

Social Media/Facebook: Amy Ditto

Sponsor Recruitment:  Bill Monthan,

                                    Tammy Wenderlich

Signage: Dennis Chamberlain, Rick Snow

Preview Gallery: Tricia Simmons, Chair

              Set Up: Sandy Corless, Thomas Boldt, Dave Sabo

Childrens’ Project: Cathy Veblen

Volunteer Coordinator: Amy Ditto

Video Project: Open


2017 Art in the Park Committee

Co-Chair: Jenn Noel

Co-Chair: D.L. Horton, Sharon Rutherford

PR: Denise Elvrum

Social Media: Amy Ditto

Music: Dennis Chamberlain

Registration: Ron Klimek

Signage: Justin Kirby

2017 Holiday Art Fest Committee

Co-Chair: Chip Kamber

Co-Chair: Peggy Schey


Contact: Ken Duckert, kenduckert91@gmail.com


Contact: Ken Duckert, kenduckert91@gmail.com

Membership Information

A jury process is used to accept new members. Only work that could be classified as art or artistic crafts is considered. Food products, personal care items (soaps, lotions,etc.), assemblies (embroidered clothing, beads, etc.), or items for resale will not be considered for jurying.

Use the following form to apply for CSA membership:

Membership Application.docx

Membership Application.pdf

Membership Guidelines.pdf

2017 CAST Application.docx

2017 Eligibility Requirements .docx

Highlights of Changes - 2017 CAST.docx

CSA Officers (Board of Directors)

2017 Meetings and All Member Meetings

The Board of Directors meet monthly, on the second Wednesday at the Corrales Senior Center. The facility is located across from the Corrales Library and the Wells Fargo Bank, on the same campus as the Corrales Village Hall, just south of the of Community Center. Meetings are open to the public.

January 11, 6-8:00 p.m.

February 8 6-7:00  p.m.

March 8, 6-7:00  p.m.

April 12, 6-8:00 p.m.

May 10, 6-7:00  p.m.

June 14, 6-7:00  p.m.

July 12, 6-8:00 p.m.

August 9, 6-7:00  p.m.

September 13, 6-7:00  p.m.

October 11, 6-8:00 p.m.

November 8, 6-7:00  p.m.